Last debate before voters head to the polls

By: Megan Palera

It's the last debate before voters head to the polls May 15th. Jon Bruning, Don Stenberg and Deb Fischer, getting the chance to say one more time why they're the most qualified for the job.

You've seen the TV ads, the candidates taking political punches at each other. Tonight, for the most part, the talk was about what's not being done in Washington.

Attorney General Jon Bruning, State Treasurer Don Stenberg and Senator Deb Fischer, voicing their opinions one more time Tuesday night. At the top of the list of changes needed in Washington, overturning the President's healthcare reform law.

“I am somebody that will fight to repeal Obamacare,” said Bruning. Stenberg says, “We need to repeal Obamacare.” Fischer agrees.

The three U. S. Senate candidates don't differ much in terms of policy. Job creation, they believe the federal government needs to get out of the way. They agree it's time for the war to end in Afghanistan. Even a cap on farm payments, all three Republicans say they'd vote for it.

But when it came time to name your opponents weakness, that might be exploit by the Democrats. Only Stenberg spoke up. When referring to Deb Fischer, Stenberg says, “she has not been though a major campaign.”

Bruning and Fischer fired back, saying they would not take part in any mudslinging. “I'm not going to throw mud at my opponent. I don't think it's necessary. I don' think Nebraskans like it,” said Bruning.

Fischer says, “I don't like getting into a mud slinging game here but I believe that my record against Bob Kerrey will offer a stark contrast.”

Even after being called out, Stenberg still defended his remarks. There is a fourth republican candidate running. Businessman Pat Flynn of Schulyer. He was not invited to take part in the debate tonight. Again, the primary is May 15th. This Friday is the deadline to register to vote.