Last minute gift ideas for everyone

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

       The countdown to Christmas is on and with only a week left, and if you’re a procrastinator, you may still be on the hunt for those last minute gifts.

       Here are some ideas for your Christmas list.

       When it comes to holiday toy trends it’s rather reminiscent of high fashion, meaning what’s old is new again.

       This season’s big seller is remote control cars.

       Dan Schmit from Hobby Town says that, "Cars have really had a big resurgence. They’re popular. As popular as they’ve ever been. They’re made to jump around, go over curbs, jump over dirt piles, and do all sorts of crazy stuff."

       For young girls, Barbies and anything Disney princess remain a classic choice, and they’re affordable. Most of the dolls are under ten dollars, and board games remain a popular choice.

       "A lot of the current crop of board games are very strategy oriented," said Schmit.

       Schmit also says that the game Settlers of Catan is his top seller and is family friendly. He recommends the game Cards Against Humanity if you’re buying for adults.

      There are new games like the exit game series that include both a playing board and a downloadable app.

      In a throwback to the 90’s, Pokemon cards are back. Following the success of the game Pokemon– Go, he says the cards fly off his shelves year round.

       And lastly drones. Scmit says the technology continues to advance while the price continues to go down.