Latest On Investigation On Wesleyan Fraternity Fire

Lincoln police are speaking about the evidence taken from Phi Kappa Tau fraternity during a search warrant.

While it may be some time before an official cause is determined.

What was found during the search is raising new questions about what started the blaze that killed one student and injured three others.

The search warrant was issued just hours after the fire.

During the search,  authorities say they found dozens of bottle rockets, fireworks and over four grams of marijuana inside the fraternity.   

Whether those fireworks were found blown up or untouched is not being released.  

The warrant says fraternity members told investigators that fireworks were set off in or around the house shortly before the fire on November 17th.   

Assistant Police Chief Jim Peschong says if those fireworks are found to be the cause of the fire, members could face criminal charges.    “

The search warrant also shows one fraternity member noticed a calendar on fire.

It was burning near the room where the blaze started.   

That member reports he stomped out the fire and threw the calendar in the east stairwell.   

Around 4 am on November 17th, another fraternity member says he went to Ryan Stewart's room and says he saw Stewart staring at a futon on fire in his room.   

He told Stewart to get out, then pulled a fire alarm.   

Ryan Stewart was later found in a room across the hall.   

Chief Fire Investigator Bill Moody says the heated gases from the fire probably caused Stewart to become disoriented.   

Lincoln Police say they've interviewed close to 50 people.   

They're working with fire marshals and inspectors to determine what led up to what started the fire.

These are just details from the initial investigations.   

Peschong says it's going to take at least a month to connect all of the dots.   

All of the evidence needs to go to labs, as well as Stewart's autopsy returning from the toxicology lab.