Latest on Missing Hasting’s Couple

The families of two Hastings residents missing for nearly two years have accepted that the pair died in an accident. Traci Kenley and Bill Rundle have been missing since August 2000. That's when they were last reported alive, traveling from Edgar to Hastings in Rundle's jeep. Authorities pulled Rundle's jeep from a feedlot drainage pond Thursday, and the remains of two people were found inside. Sharon Kenley of Edgar, mother of Traci Kenley, had said that she still held out hope her daughter was alive. But Friday morning, she says she is pretty sure her daughter died in an unfortunate accident. While the news is not what her family had hoped for, she says it does bring closure to the disappearance. Autopsies have been ordered to identify the remains. Those results are expected Saturday morning. William Rundle, Bill Rundle's father, says he, too, is sure his son died in a crash.