Law Enforcement Training Center opening soon

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

The Lincoln Police Department is getting closer to having a shooting range of their own once again.

Back in 2014, the lease on their previous shooting range, near North West 38th, ended. They shared training space with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office for years. They say it was a great partnership, but are ready for their own turf.

"This facility is an opportunity for growth, a growth in the training programs of the Lincoln Police Department, and for our officers who serve the city of Lincoln," Chief Jeff Bliemeister, Lincoln Police, said.

The new facility is an 80 acre, multi purpose training facility, located off North West 48th Street.

Costing about $1.6 million, which is coming from the police budget, has multiple shooting ranges, classrooms, and simulation training opportunities.

"This will be where their qualification range is, their targeting system will go back behind the small wall,” Sgt. Mitch Sisco, Air National Guard, said.

The facility isn’t open yet, but training on this land has been going on for months.

The Air National Guard is helping to build the site under the Innovative Readiness Training program. Building the range gives them real practice for engineering work they might experience overseas.

"For guys to be able to see the product of their hard work be something like this versus going out and digging a hole and filling it or building a wall and tearing it apart," Sisco, said.

Police agreed on a 50 year lease with the Lincoln Airport Authority. Officials hope to be training by October.