Lawmaker looks to change Nebraska’s unique electoral process

By: Bill Schammert

Some lawmakers are looking for a winner-take-all situation when it comes to Nebraska's Electoral College votes.

Right now, the state's votes can be divided, as we saw in 2008 when President Obama received one of Nebraska's five electoral votes.

Secretary of State, John Gale, is in favor of the winner-take-all process.

“Small states have a disproportionate influence, and they should exercise it to the fullest extent by a winner-take-all system,” Secretary Gale said.

As it stands, two of Nebraska's five electoral votes go to the popular vote winner.  The other three go to the winner of each congressional district.

It's a policy enacted in 1991 and used by only one other state, Maine.  But Fremont Sen. Charlie Janssen is introducing legislation that would give all five votes to the winner of the state's popular vote.

“When we choose a governor or U.S. Senator, we speak with one voice across the state.  The same standard should be applied to our choice for a president.”

In 2012, Republican nominee Mitt Romney received all five of the state's votes.