Lawmakers hear testimony on guns in schools bill

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow teachers to carry guns in schools.  It comes after 17–year–old Robert Butler, Jr., opened fire inside Millard South High School last month, shooting two school principals for shooting and killing himself.

Senator Mark Christensen introduced a bill to allow school officials to carry concealed guns at school.  “This is to allow schools and school boards to say, 'if we have a situation, we would like to have the ability to protect our people.'  The fields are uneven.'”

If passed, the staff member would have to have a license to carry a concealed weapon.  A letter would go home to students' parents notifying them of the new gun policy and two–thirds of the school's district would have to approve the measure.”

Bill Kuehn, the director of LPS security, is against the bill.  He says teachers are there to teach.  “We hate to have that umbrella hanging on their shoulders and I don't think teachers would want all that extra responsibility and all that comes with having a gun.”

Those in support of the bill think it should be an option.  Calvin Jones is a professor at Nebraska Christian College and has his concealed weapons permit.  “I think it's a much better solution than prohibiting concealed weapons holders from having access to something that can make a tremendous difference in the final body count.”