Lawmakers push for breast feeding accommodations for students

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Omaha senator Tony Vargas is hoping to extend breast feeding accommodations that employees have to student parents.

He said it will help them be successful in the long run.

The senator hopes schools will allow student mothers a proper area  to pump and store their breast milk.

He said  policies regarding this vary.

Dania DeLone shared her story as a teenage mother in front the education committee today.

She had her first daughter at the age of 15.

The 29–year–old says this law will greatly support young moms.

"Young women who get pregnant in school require more support services. However, our children deserve an equal start in life. They’re the next generation and we need to take care of them the best we can,” Mother Dania DeLone said.

"By accommodating student mothers and giving them a place to express and store milk, we’re providing them the support they need increasing the likelihood that will be able to finish their education and thrive later in life,” Senator Tony Vargas said.

Senator Vargas also has another bill regarding student parents that was also heard today.

That ones deals broader accommodations like dealing with attendance, coursework and information regarding child care.

It’s important to note that neither bill requires require parents bring their children to school or that schools provide child care.

The next step for these bills if they make out of the education committee is floor for debate