Lawnmower safety tips

A 3–year old boy is in critical condition after a lawn mower ran over him in Omaha. We talked to a local mowing company about safety.  It's that time of year, the grass is growing, it's nice out which means of course mowing your lawn…whether you do it yourself or have someone do it for you…safety should always be your top priority.

This was the scene in Omaha…after a 3–year–old boy was critically injured from a lawn mower.  Sgt. Tucker Wheeler with the Douglas County Sheriff's office says the boy tripped and fell in front of it. “The young man on the riding lawn mower couldn't stop in enough time and essentially ran over the lower portion of his body,” Sgt. Wheeler said.

This accident is a good reminder of lawn safety…we met up with Ken Svoboda, owner of Ray's Lawn and Home Care, at one of his job sites. He says for them a lot of planning goes into where, what time and how they'll mow a lawn…and once they're there…it's all about knowing what's around you.  In this case, it was a small child playing near the mower.

“It doesn't take much for you to be looking 1 direction because you see something out of the corner of your eye, you spot it, look at it and all of a sudden a toddler is right in front of you, our guys are trained that when they see something you stop immediately,” Svoboda said.

Another thing you can do this summer when you take out your mower is make sure all of the safety features are working, while it may be a lot easier to mow your grass with out them, it can be a lot more dangerous. Svoboda says if at all possible, keep the kids inside when your mowing..because even if they're at a distance. Rocks and other debris can fly at them at a very high speed.

“Be aware of your surroundings, know what's around you, we don't have rear view windows so you're constantly looking, when you turn around what's now in front of me, what's behind me,” Svoboda said.

The little boy in Omaha was critically hurt and flown to an Omaha hospital. The man who was driving the mower, will not be cited, the Sheriff's office says it was an accident.