Leasing the Veteran Affairs campus

Posted by: Kelsey Murphy


The Veteran’s Affairs Campus near 70th and O Street might see some changes. Officials want to lease the campus to a non–profit Lincoln organization that plans to build some housing According to a development spokesman, nearly 60 acres of property would be leased to the Senior Foundation under the Enhanced Usage Lease. The foundation wants to build three different housing units.

Duncan Fallon is a site manager with the Veterans Affairs; he thinks the housing change is necessary.

“But if they are struggling and they need to get over the hump, it’s important to have a process in place somewhere, somehow to assist these vets,” says Fallon.

But, only one of the housing units would be solely dedicated to veterans in transition. It is called VASH housing, veterans administration service housing. The other two units on campus will cater to seniors and other citizens.

Lincoln‘s City Council will be discussing the development plans on Monday. They will make the decision weather to blight the land and allow Tax Increment Financing in support of the construction. Channel 8 will bring you updates as decisions are made.