Legacy Dairy

Legacy Dairy and Creamery is a family own and run business providing various kinds of milk to people all over the state. They pride themselves on having milk that is hormone free.  Their also eco friendly with the way they package their milk in glass containers. The company distributes 3,000 gallons of milk to businesses in Omaha, Lincoln and surrounding towns every week.  When you buy a Legacy milk product you are charged a $2.00 deposit that is returned when you bring the bottle back or you can exchange your old bottle for a new bottle right at the register.  Legacy Dairy not only has all the usual white milks, but has chocolate, strawberry, rootbeer, cotton candy and more.  The De Frain's say the way families go through milk its only smart to invest in their milk so the bottles can go through circulation and in the end you're not only promoting local businesses but saving the environment one bottle at a time. For more information on a store near you can log onto their website at legacydairyandcreamery.com.