Legislature overrides veto on prenatal care bill

By:  Megan Palera

It took 30 votes to override the veto, and that's exactly the number they hit. 

Senator Cathy Campbell, who fought hard for the bill, was congratulated with hugs after the vote.

The measure restores taxpayer–funded prenatal care benefits to low–income..  About half who are illegal immigrants.

Supporters say this is a pro–life issue and it doesn't matter who the mother is. It's the unborn child we need to think about.

Opponents, like Governor Heineman who vetoed the bill last week say it's going to make Nebraska a magnet for illegal immigrants and is simply unjust.

Senator Campbell says it's the right thing to do.

“It had been a tension packed issue from the beginning I think of the first round of debate. But a large number of Nebraskans sent emails and messages saying how important it was to them that this bill be passed,” said Senator Campbell.

Governor Heineman declined an interview but said in a statement quote, “I strongly disagree with their decisions. Providing preferential treatment to illegal's while increasing taxes on legal Nebraska citizens is misguided, misplaced and inappropriate.”

The program will cost the state about 650–thousand dollars … In addition to the nearly 2 million in federal funds they'll get.   About a thousand illegal immigrants in Nebraska would use the services.