Legislature votes to override budget vetoes

By: Jenn Hatcher

Much of the states budget is
staying intact, including improvement projects planned for the state capitol.

Nebraska lawmakers voted to override Gov. Dave Heineman's vetoes of
state budget items on Tuesday.

“They voted for the budget last week, over 40
senators voted for the main line budget bill and so they were priorities that
they voted on multiple times as a body and decided they were still key state
priorities,” says Senator Heath Mello of Omaha,
who introduced the override.

The 37-11 vote on Tuesday came just
days after the Governor announced he trimmed $65 million from the Legislature's
budget package, including funding for courtyard fountains and a new heating
system at the Capitol.    

Heineman singled out the
fountains as a less important priority than state-funded property tax relief
saying,  “Providing property
tax relief is more important than funding fountains in the capitol courtyard
that are rarely used.”

Supporters of the override motion
argued that the fountains are the last major, unfinished design feature of the

legislature kept $60 million dollars of the $65 million Heineman was working to

Construction on the fountains
is now expected to end just before Nebraska
celebrates its 150th anniversary as a state.

The capitols new HVAC system is a 10 year project.