LES asks customers to adjust thermostats

By:  Newsroom

Lincoln Electric System says demand is high due to high temperature and humidity.

Due to today's high temperature and humidity conditions and the current electrical supply and demand conditions that exist within our electrical region, Lincoln Electric System suggests that customers raise their thermostat settings by at least 3 degrees. This will not only help reduce a customer's own electric bill, but will ultimately assist all customers by reducing stress on the system as we approach the afternoon high demand levels.

While LES has adequate electricity to meet projected energy needs this summer, there is always a chance that conditions in the power market or resource or transmission losses or limitations could prompt the need for heightened energy conservation efforts by customers.

            If wholesale market prices for electricity become extremely high, reliability of the regional transmission system is threatened, temperatures become very hot, or LES were to lose a key power generation resource or transmission line, LES may ask customers to take specific conservation measures through our Power Watch Program this summer, said LES Administrator and CEO Kevin G. Wailes.

         If the power situation becomes more critical, LES would issue a Power Use Watch or a Power Use Warning.

            When a Power Use Watch is in effect, customers would be asked to take additional energy conservation measures. A Power Use Warning will be issued if energy use must be reduced immediately. Customers would be advised of additional energy conservation measures to implement and asked to follow them continuously until the warning is withdrawn.

            For information on energy conservation in general, visit LES' website at www.les.com.