LES to increase rates starting January 1st

Posted By: Nicole Cousins


Paying more for your electric bill is never fun, but that’s what Lincoln Electric System customers will see starting January 1st.

“It’s a minimal rate increase and they’ve not had one for a couple years,” councilman Carl Eskridge said Monday, when City Council approved to increase residential rates 3.5 percent.

Costs for larger industries will go up 4 percent.

“We are fortunate here in Lincoln to enjoy some of the lowest energy costs in the region and across the country,” councilwoman Leirion Gaylor Baird said.

In a presentation at the last city council meeting, LES said Lincoln has the lowest average monthly electric bill out of all other the Big 10 conference cities.

The electric company’s rates also rank 13th lowest in the nation.

Another change is aimed at providing an incentive for those Lincoln residents who conserve power.

LES will adjust your base rate to reflect how much energy you use.

Right now, everyone pays the same base rate of $13.40 no matter your electricity use.

“Part of what was trying to be done here gradually is make the fixed cost more reflective of what it actually is the fixed cost in everyone power bill,” councilman Roy Christensen said.

Which fixed cost bracket you fit into will depend on how much electricity you use in January.

The costs are divided up by kilowatt/hour usage per month.

Customers who use less than 800 kWh/month will have a base charge of $15.50. Those using greater than 1,500 kWh/month will pay a baseline of $24.50, and those in between will be charged $19.50 a month.

City Council voted 7-0 to pass the rate increase, which goes into effect January 1st.

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