Lethal Injection Bill Introduced In Legislature, Faces Opposition

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Three of Nebraska's top Republicans are propelling a new law to change how condemned prisoners are executed, and they're determined it be debated by the full Legislature this year.

 Speaker Mike Flood was flanked by Gov. Dave Heineman and Attorney General Jon Bruning Thursday as he announced that he'll introduce a bill to make lethal injection the state's method of execution.

The Nebraska Supreme Court in February declared electrocution -the state's only means of execution – cruel and unusual punishment, and therefore unconstitutional.

In a pre-session survey by The Associated Press, 28 of 49 senators or senators-elect said they supported changing Nebraska's method to lethal injection.

Meanwhile, Nebraska state Sen. Brenda Council says she'll introduce a bill to repeal the death penalty, carrying on a tradition started by her predecessor Ernie Chambers.

Council, of Omaha, says she's adamantly opposed to capital punishment and assured her constituents she'd pick up where Chambers left off. Chambers was forced out of office by term limits.

But Sen. Danielle Nantkes of Lincoln says Flood's bill could face a filibuster from death penalty opponents.