UPDATE: O street from 9th to Sun Valley is also being reopened

Posted by: Channel 8 Newsroom

LINCOLN–Ammonia levels at the Farmland Food Plant at 2nd and O have been declared safe and workers are being allowed back in to the building. 

O street from 9th to Sun Valley is also reopened. 

The facility was evacuated around 7 p.m. Tuesday night.

Shortly after arriving, firefighters realized they had an ammonia leak.

The facility at 2nd an N Street was evacuated.

Some workers said they were feeling the effects of ammonia exposure.

In fact, one of our reporters on the scene witnessed a couple of workers getting oxygen—and she could even feel her skin tingling.

The situation was severe enough, firefighters pushed the workers further away from the plant.  They even shut down O Street from 9th Street to Sun Valley Boulevard.

There are no reports of any serious injuries at this time.

Around 9:30 p.m., the levels inside the plant were deemed safe, workers were allowed back in, and O Street was reopened.


Lincoln Fire and rescue is on the scene of a hazardous materials call at the Old Cooks Plant at 2nd and O. Firefighters say there is a serious ammonia leak. They have evacuated the facility.

To be safe, they have closed O street from 9th to Sun Valley Blvd.in both directions.

Channel 8 has a reporter on scene. We’ll continue to bring the details as they become available.