LFR participates in a 9-11 memorial stair climb

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton


Dozens of fire departments from around the country including Lincoln

Fire and Rescue gathered in Kansas City for a special cause.

They did a memorial climb for the more than 340 firefighters who died during the terror attacks on September 11th.

"It’s kind of sunken in over the years how significant it was especially when you come to things like this and learn of individual stories of loss and sacrifice. It continues to settle home,” Lincoln Fire and Rescue Firefighter and EMT Webster Farris said.

To remember those fallen fir fighters, each of them was assigned a name of someone who died that day and they climbed 110 stories in full gear in their honor.

"It’s a physical challenge.  It’s a mental challenge. You’re not just carrying weight your weight and the weight of all your brothers with you,” Lincoln Fire and Rescue Firefighter and EMT Kevin Houfek said.

There were reminders of their fallen brothers every step of the way including pictures lining each floor as well as attached to each oxygen tank.

LFR  said it gave them the push they needed for the journey.

They said the encouragement they gave to each other was also important.

A bond that they said is unmatched.

"We start together. We finish together. We don’t leave each other behind. We push each other. We motivate each other all the way up those steps,” Lincoln Fire and Rescue Firefighter Bryson Monroe said.

Before each team completed the 110th floor, everyone announced the New York firefighter they were representing.

Then,  they rang the  bell.

 Before walking the final story symbolizing last floor of the twin towers.

That’s where they stand together as one never forgetting those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

About 90 fire departments from across 9 states were represented in Sunday’s event.

It has been going since 2011.