LFR: Safety tips for decorating your home for the holidays

Posted By: Veronica Ortega


It’s that time of year for Christmas lights and other holiday decorations to brighten your neighborhood, but Lincoln Fire and Rescue officials say it’s important to remember safety first.

"The main hazard of Christmas lights is obviously electrical and it could cause fires. So we encourage citizens that when they do get their Christmas lights out for the year to inspect them," says Jared Frickson with Lincoln Fire and Rescue.

Firefighters say the first thing to lookout for is burnt out light bulbs and frayed wires. They say if you plan to hang them outside make sure you’re using an extension cord that is made for the outdoors and never use staples. If you discover a problem, you’re encouraged to not throw them away, but instead recycle.  

Eastridge Elementary is hosting its annual recycling drive thru January 15th. In the last two years, the school has recycled 10,000 pounds of lights.

"More than 40% of what we put in landfills is readily recyclable," says Mayor Chris Beutler.

Another safety concern this holiday season involves our Christmas tree. Firefighters say the biggest hazard when it comes to Christmas trees is overtime they become dry and people are encouraged to water them.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, Christmas trees are the first thing ignited in an average of more than 200 house fires each year.

With those safety tips in mind it’s time to decorate and celebrate the holidays!

All 14 fire stations in Lincoln are accepting holiday lights as part of the Eastridge Elementary recycling drive.