LFR: Smoke alarms help to make community a safer place

Posted By: Veronica Ortega


Firefighters say when you hear a smoke detector get out of the house as soon as possible, but what if you can’t hear the alarm?

Thanks to a nearly $140,000 grant, Lincoln Fire and Rescue received about 3,200 smoke detectors to install in homes in areas around downtown Lincoln near the South neighborhood. They say they’ve seen an increase in fires in that part of the city.

Some of the smoke detectors are designed for people that are deaf or have other hearing impairments.

 "You need to have smoke alarms that work. we’ve gone into numerous homes where people don’t have smoke alarms and we’re happy to provide those," Firefighter Jamie Bray said.

Unlike traditional smoke detectors for hard of hearing folks, these produce a loud piercing sound, the screen reads fire, and after you place a part of it  underneath your bed it vibrates alerting those who are asleep that something is wrong.

"Fires just grow a lot quicker which means less time for individuals to get out of their homes safely. So the more smoke alarms you can have in your home the better," Bray said.

Firefighters say it’s best to have a smoke detector in every bedroom of your home and each floor including the basement. They say it’s best to replace them every 10 years because the sensors can stop working.  Also make sure your batteries are good.

LFR says they’re happy to provide you with as many alarms as you might need, and they will install them free of charge.
To apply for a smoke detector click here: http://lincoln.ne.gov/city/fire/services/smokeDHH.htm