LFR’s illegal fireworks demonstration

We all know 4th of July sparklers and firecrackers can be fun, but that fun can be overshadowed by the danger of illegal fireworks.

Illegal fireworks carry more boom for the buck and that's why Lincoln fire inspectors say they're so dangerous.

Chief Fire Inspector Bill Moody says, “people go out and purchase these things and feel like they want to have the biggest bang in the neighborhood but their not realizing the quality control.  Some of these things are homemade, some of them are commercial and the explosives or the potential on these devices is huge.”

Bottle rockets are one of the relatively smaller and more popular types of illegal fireworks.  Inspector Moody says they account for 50%of all fireworks-related fires each year.

Inspectors set off the ever popular cherry bombs in a demonstration on Thursday afternoon.  They attached the fireworks to watermelons and a mannequins hand to show what they can do if you're holding one or simply standing too close when one goes off.

They want everyone's Fourth of July to burst with color and fun, but it should only be done within the legal limits.  Inspector Moody says, “if you buy it in a stand, you're going to be fine.  If you buy it out of the back of somebody's car or trunk, you're probably going to have illegal fireworks.”