LIBA Asks Public Entities To Institute Hiring Freeze

Today, LIBA has called upon our City elected and appointed officials to implement a hiring freeze.  LIBA proposes, well before budget discussions, that the Mayor, City Council Members, County Commissioners, LES Administrative Board, and Lincoln Board of Education Members, implement a hiring freeze, effective immediately.

LIBA Executive Director Coby Mach said “Our public employees are valuable members of the community. To protect them, and prevent possible future lay-offs or job elimination in an uncertain economy, we encourage the proactive consideration of a hiring freeze. Mayor Beutler had successfully used a hiring freeze the past two years to help control the City budget”.

The current economic climate suggests that taking care of our current employees, while serving tax-paying constituents by minimizing labor costs, would be sound policy. We do recognize however, that if an extenuating circumstance arose, a key position may need to be filled.

We hope all public managing bodies will choose to implement a hiring freeze. We also hope that such a freeze, if affected, would not signal a growth in consulting costs. This is a time for austerity. Relying on our ample expertise found within our current public staff seems a sound approach.