Liberty First Credit Union offers steps to take for those affected by Target security breach

By: Lauren Fabrizi

A season of holiday shopping has gone bad for millions of Target shoppers.

40 million credit and debit cards have been compromised at Target stores across the country. Odds are, someone here in Nebraska will be affected.

“We have a Target that we shop at all the time,” Brett Wetton of Kearney said. “Now I'm questioning whether someone's going to have my information.”

Names, account numbers, expiration dates and security codes were all stolen when shoppers visited hundreds of Targets between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15.

Experts said it likely happened when people swiped to make a purchase. They said the scammers can create a second copy of the card based on the stolen info, or open up other cards.

Here in Lincoln, Angie Schreiner of Liberty First Credit Union offers immediate actions you should take if you think you're one of those shoppers.

“You should contact the credit bureaus immediately and put an alert on your account so that way they are watching for transactions, as well,” Schreiner said. “If you notice different transactions that aren't yours, you definitely want to call in and cancel your card. If you've used a pin base, then change your pin immediately.”

Schreiner said you should get into the habit of monitoring your credit reports to make sure there isn't any suspicious activity. She said online statements are also a good idea, so you have frequent and easy access to all purchases that have been made.

Target said it's working with law enforcement to take care of the issue. But that's not enough for people in and around Lincoln.

“I probably won't do any Christmas shopping online at Target or in store,” Courtney Bahe of Cambridge said.

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