Lieutenant Governor Tours Missouri River Flooding

Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy says he can see people are losing patience along the Missouri river.

The Lt. Governor toured the levees and flood waters in Bellevue yesterday, he says federal aid will foot the bill for 75 percent of the damage done.  But he also says he's concerned that the state and each city will have to pick up the other 25 percent.

Already he says the state has spent most of the 5 million dollar Emergency Governor's fund. Sheehy says, “You know we're still waiting for funding from the Elkhorn floods from last year and the snowstorms so really it turns into a cash flow problem for cities that are really facing some tough times continually as we work through this recession.”

Sheehy says if one good thing comes from the flooding…it's that the government will replace the levees along the Missouri, that were built in the 60's and 70's.