Life saving technique to protect your baby

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

"To say that I was devastated is an understatement, to say that I was shocked and heartbroken is an understatement. I didn’t know that stillbirths still happened," said Shannon Vaccaro.

The stillbirth rate in Iowa has gone down by 26 percent. Why? It may be because of the Count the Kicks organization.

It encourages mothers in their third trimester to track their baby’s kicks and movements. If the baby’s kicks slow down or decrease it may be a cause for concern.

"There’s lots of different conditions that might be a signal that baby is in trouble and one of their ways to share that with mom is through moment, so if they’re not moving then we need make sure we’re checking why their not moving," said Lezlie Mestdagh, Outreach Coordinator.

This organization is making its way into Nebraska.

Count the Kicks also has an app available for all mothers to help them remember and track their baby.

The organization stresses the importance of calling a doctor if the movement slows.

"Time and time again we hear from moms that say ‘you know I noticed the baby was slowing down, but I had an appointment on Monday so I just didn’t call’, and then they go in on Monday and there’s no heartbeat," said Mestdagh.

Mothers like Shannon encourage others to get involved and be aware.

"I want women here to know that they can be empowered, that they have knowledge and information that will help them; that will help their babies. That they’ll bring them home one day and have that time to bond instead of being on Google wondering why in the world did this happen to me. Why did I have to bury my son this week instead of bringing him home," said Vaccaro.

The link to Count the Kicks website and app is below.