Lighthouse to expand outreach to Northeast High School

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Back in high school, the one thing Sayvon Miller needed to do was stay out of trouble so he could play football. So that could happen, he went to Lighthouse’s after school program each day.

“This lady came up, asked me for a hug,” Miller said. “Ever since that day, she got me hooked on coming back.”

Now a high school grad, Miller instills that same feeling in other students as one of the program’s mentors.

“Let them know they have someone they can count on, because most don’t,” he said.

Three years ago, Lighthouse expanded its outreach to Southeast High School, serving about 1,100 kids after school each year.

Thanks to the Sowers Club of Lincoln, Lighthouse will launch a third location, Rockethouse, at Northeast High.

“After school hours are the most high risk for teenagers,” Lighthouse president Pete Allman said. “Teenagers need a safe place to be, a safe harbor.”

The Sowers Club donated $16,700 to Lighthouse Monday to kick start the new program. Students will meet in the school library.

A number of the club’s members are alum and with Northeast being a high needs school, it was the perfect opportunity to expand there.

“We already have inviting environment in our media center,” principal Kurt Glathar said. “We’ll capitalize on that and keep it going.”

The program will help teens with college test prep, career goals and will also bring in guest speakers. The Sowers Club will donate another $16,000 next year to help keep it going. 

The program is in the planning stages this week and will officially kick off next week. The principal expects at least 50 students to come out each day.