Light’s on After School

Light’s on After School is part of a national program that focuses on giving kids extra learning opportunities in between school bells.

And with more than 4,000 kids participating across Lincoln, LPS says it’s a fun way to keep kids safe and keep them learning.

"Before and after school is a really important time for safety of young people. Schools allow for extended learning opportunities, so the CLC’s really provide those opportunities for young people to continue their education after the school bell rings," said Nola Derby-Bennett, the CLC Director.

Lincoln Public Schools has 26 community learning centers- or CLC’s- for kids to participate in before and after school.

They include everything from choir and dance teams, to soccer and science clubs.

Students says it’s a great way to make friends and learn something new.

Acasia a fourth grader says, "In Smart Girls we like to create things with science and in Girl Power we talk about bullying-and in choir we sing."

"For students to go out and make new friends, try new things, get new experiences," says Alexiah 8th grader.

After some performances tonight, families got a meal in the school cafeteria, then got to check out clubs from other schools.

City Councilman Carl Eskridge was also there, he read a proclamation from the mayor declaring Thursday Lights on After School day in Lincoln.