Lincoln aides in hurricane relief

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

LES deployed 13 men and seven trucks to Florida on Thursday. They have completed one mission and they’re already moving on to the next. The crew is on its way to South Carolina and again they must prep themselves for the unknown.

"We have no idea what we’re up against until we get there and experience it ourselves," said Nate Houska, Crew Leader with LES.

But with a few days under their belt the group is feeling more confident and ready to take on the challenges.

"That’s the benefit of LES going to a place like this, we are well trained, all around trained, and were able to pretty much complete whatever they asks us to do," said Houska.

They are not the only Lincoln citizens helping the cause, Lincoln Fire and Rescue has also deployed two individuals.

LFR Captain Dave Kluthe was working as a medical unit leader in Georgia, but he is now in the process of coming home.

LFR Battalion Chief Brad Thavenet is supporting operations in North Carolina.

"Where they had a huge amount of flooding going on and a bunch of people that were needing rescues and evacuated because they basically had some serious flash flooding that was coming up chest deep or sometimes 15 feet on houses or within the community," said Chief Thavenet.

Both groups are unsure of when exactly they will return home.

"It’s just day by day if you will, so you embrace sleeping in the back of a car, MRE’s and bottled water," said Chief Thavenet.