Lincoln-based aviation unit honored with send-off

It was a bittersweet moment for several members of the military and their families, as they said their goodbyes before being deployed.

Four Nebraska Army National Guard members were honored with a send-off ceremony before their departure to Africa, as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

"We’re just ready to go to Africa. We’re going to be over their flying VIP’s in and around the Horn of Africa," said Capt. Oliver Berglund. The mission will consist of mainly aviation support for air spaces in and near the Horn of Africa, something Capt. Berglund feels confident about.

"I’m not nervous, we’re well prepared for this. We’re well trained. Our mission actually doesn’t change, it’s just where we’re flying. We do the exact same thing in the United States on a daily basis," added Capt. Berglund.

But it’s never easy to say goodbye.

"I miss my husband and I miss their dad, but we know how important this is and we couldn’t be any prouder of him and all of our soldiers that make such an amazing sacrifice," says Laurie Berglund.

Lt. Governor Mike Foley, Sen. Deb Fischer and Major General Daryl Bohac were in attendance for the ceremony, as well as many other members of the military, and of course family and friends of the soldiers.

"They’re leaving behind their families. Their wives, their children, their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. And they’re doing that to defend our country," said Sen. Fischer.

The event wasn’t open to the public because of limited space. The operation is expect to take about 10 months.