Lincoln Boy Stabbed, Questions Are Raised

We have new information on a little boy who was stabbed Wednesday in Lincoln. Police say the five year-old was abducted and stabbed by a resident living in a group home. It has raised enough concern the Governor is now getting involved.

According to police the little boy was riding his bike on a sidewalk before the incident happened Wednesday. His father told police he was checking on him every few minutes, when all of the sudden he was gone. According to police, 56-year-old Roger Einspahr pulled the little boy off his bike and took him to his basement bedroom. They say that's when Einspahr stabbed him with a knife. Fortunately, the boy lived through it.

According to Chief Casady there was one employee working at the group home during the stabbing. The employee told police he didn't know that Einspahr was home at the time. He didn't know anything was wrong until he heard the little boy screaming. Now Governor Johanns is ordering a full investigation.

We should mention, Einspahr was arrested for first degree sexual assault of a child in 1984, but he was not convicted. We did try to contact Active Community Treatment, the company that owns the group home. We were unable to contact them for comment.