Lincoln Business Accused Of Scam

A Lincoln company is being accused of scamming two Lincoln citizens out of over $7,500.

Victims claim the company does not return to make repairs or do the work it was hired to do.

The Better Business Bureau issued a warning today about the Weatherlock Home Improvement firm.

Channel 8 spoke with the owner of the firm, as well as a victim of the company and they both have a very different take on the issue.

$2,300, that's how much Barry Conover says the Weatherlock Home Improvement firm owes him.  He never performed or followed through with even his second promise to complete the work.

In February, Conover says he contracted Jamy Boutin to install windows at his apartment complex.

Not only did they not get finished, he says boutin falsely accredited his business, claiming to be a Better Business Bureau member in his advertising.

According to the secretary of state, Boutin took over the business in 2007, which means he was a member of BBB for 10 months.  During that time, the Better Business Bureau says his company was not in good standing.

But Jamy Boutin says, Conover has it all wrong and he's been a BBB member for 17 years.

“Up until a year ago, we were a full member with zero complaints and a lot of customers, very happy customers.”

Now, at least 7 Nebraskans are claiming the business owes them thousands of dollars in down payments and unfinished work.

Boutin says the root of the problem lies with bad sub-contractors but he admits some of the blame lies with him.

I should have took more responsibility in checking out the homeowners. See if they are going to pay me and doing more interviews with the installers and subcontractors to make sure they are going to work the whole time.”

Conover says this is a lesson he had to learn the hard way.

Just because a company is claiming they are a BBB doesn't mean that they are.  Check the BBB web site on their current standing also, verify if the company is insured and bonded.

Representatives from the Better Business Bureau are calling the situation revolving around the Weatherlock Home Improvement firm very murky.

They say the best advice is to thoroughly research contractors before hiring them.