Lincoln businesses cleaning up after pipe bursts

It was a rough start to the week for several flooded businesses in Meridian Park. They're dealing with a muddy, watery, mess thanks to a burst sprinkler main under their building.  Monday morning began with several Lincoln businesses getting industrial fans and equipment into their shops to start cleaning up the water left from the burst pipe.

It may be raining outside but the real water damage is inside the shops at Meridian Park.  Sunday night a fire sprinkler main broke which runs under the shops…forcing water and mud to cover the floors and leaving thousands of dollars in merchandise damaged.

Bob Henn at Nebraska Sports got a call late Sunday night to get to his shop as soon as possible. “I came and opened the door and we had probably 6 inches of water in the store and it all gushed out the front door along with merchandise floating out the door,” Henn said.

Next door at Murray's Men's Clothing store is where the underground main broke.  Owner Kevin Murray said they could be closed for up to a month cleaning up the mess and ordering all new clothing. “I may end up having to write up all the inventory and the fixtures isn't a big deal because I've bought them at garage sales and swap meets but the merchandise the clothes all have to go,” Murray said.

These two stores weren't the only ones hit…at least 4–5 other businesses had water damage and spent Monday cleaning up the floors.  Over at Murray's it's a total loss, causing significant damage to the floors, walls, and clothing.  He says even merchandise not damaged by the water will have to go.  “The first time the humidity gets up and it gets hot it's going to smell the walls have to be demo-ed at least detailed along the bottom it's going to be a mess,” Murray said.

NAI FMA Realty, who owns Meridian Park, is working to correct the pipe burst.  And will be working with the businesses affected.  All the shops damaged by the water are closed until they can get everything cleaned up.