Lincoln celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Day

By: Jenn Schanz

Hundreds joined in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday morning for the 19th Annual Youth Rally and March to honor his legacy.

“He made an important impact for us.”

“Because he stood up for what he believed in.”

“I have a dream speech.”

“He wanted peace with all races,” are just a few reasons marchers had to celebrate the civil rights icon and Nobel Prize winner.

From his peaceful protesting to his famous speeches, there were plenty of reasons to brave the wind and walk from UNL's student union to the Capitol.

Angela Pillow of Lincoln took part to honor the sacrifices made before them.

“We drove down Rosa Park Way today and I thought about you know, what they felt like the morning of the march. Sometimes we wake up and we don't think about what other people went through,” she says.

Others say it was to continue King's legacy.

“It's really important that we do keep his dream alive,” says Scott Medinger of Lincoln. 

In addition to carrying signs and banners paying tribute to MLK and the Civil Rights Movement, the crowd also celebrated with song and cheer.

And for the young people that participated, the message he left is clear.

Zahria Johnson says, “It doesn't matter what color they look like, what religion they have, that they should be treated equally.”