Lincoln celebrates National Night Out

Posted By: Sarah Fili

Tuesday August 2nd marks the annual National Night Out and several places around town are celebrating.

National Night Out is a way to promote awareness of community policing programs like neighborhood watch.

The crime prevention centered events encourage people to get out into their community and get to know their neighbors.

Many say with recent violence nationally, this years events are more important than ever.

"It really gives us an opportunity to get to know the youth in our community as well as their parents and we get to understand issues that they are facing and it gives us the opportunity to ask us questions that they may have about law enforcement and how police in their community and it’s important for us to be open and transparent and be able to provide those answers," Capt. Michon Morrow, Lincoln Police, said.

There was a scavenger hunt, bowling, arts and crafts and yummy food. One young girl said she hopes to have a badge of her own some day.

"I just like to imagine that I’m gonna be wearing the same uniform some day and I’m really excited for that to happen," Melina said.

For Captain Michon Morrow, it’s all about making sure kids and their families know police have their back.

"We have our families here we raise our kids and just as much as I want a safe neighborhood and community for our kids to play in I want that for everybody else, I want all of the kids to be able to go outside regardless of the neighborhood and feel safe and their parents to feel comfortable to know that they’re safe to play outside," she said.