Lincoln Christian School celebrates 60th Birthday

Lincoln Christian School turned 60 on Friday.  The school opened its doors for the first time on September 10th, 1951.

60 years later, teachers and students look back.

Tara Free, a math teacher at Lincoln Christian says it's a memorable time.  She's been teaching at the school for five years, but she also attended kindergarten through 12th grade there.

She says it's a tradition her family hopes to continue.  “It is so exciting to see them reach this milestone and just knowing that the school is still going strong.  Just knowing that it's still here serving Lincoln is just such a blessing.”

Music teacher Phil Boehr has been teaching at Lincoln Christian for 39 years.  He was at the school when there was only 89 students, now there are around 500.  He says, “we're a family.  Everyone comes together and we're seeing that now in this coming 60th year.”

Students and staff released blue balloons in the air and celebrated with hot dogs and birthday cake instead of your traditional hot lunch.  The school will also be holding a free Christian rock concert Saturday the 18th at 7 p.m. on the corner of 84th and Old Cheney.