Lincoln Church Moving Into Old bar

From the outside it looks like another historic building in the heart of the capital city, but would you believe this is actually a church. From the hardwood floors to the artwork on the walls.

 “It's not very traditional, its not very non traditional, its just very unique,”Todd Bumgarner said.

 It's not your typical church, it has no stained glass windows, no steeple, in fact the building use to be a cigar factor, a teen dance club, and even a bar…but the pastor says what the building was doesn't matter.

 “I think the main thing we're trying to convey being here is that the church is not a building it's a people and that's really counter cultural in the church world, is helping people understand that church isn't a place you go to you either are the church or you're not,”Bumgarner said.

Bumgarner Pastor of the non denominational church says they moved into their new downtown digs earlier this year so far it's a small congregation about 30 or so people, with plenty of kids.

While Bumgarner foresees more churches following this idea of a non traditional setting, he says it's not a new concept.

“I think it's the way of the future but its also the way of the past and sometimes we loose track of that, being a part of the church is not a legalistic routine, its not a set time to be here, its really being a part of the body and a community surrounded by the gospel,”Bumgarner said.

 If you want to check out 2 Pillars church, they will have a night of worship this Saturday from 7–8 and then a Sunday morning service at 10 am.