Lincoln Clubs Try to Prevent Tragic Accidents From Happening

A fire at a rock concert Thursday night in Rhode Island killed nearly a hundred people. And earlier this week, 21 people were killed in a Chicago club. These recent events have a lot of people wondering how safe you are when you go into these places.

Lincoln clubs and bars are taking measures to prevent similar fatal fires from happening in the Capital City. In 1986 the Royal Grove had a fire when a band left their instruments plugged in overnight and overheated. Luckily no one was hurt. The question is, what can businesses do to make sure it their customers are safe? Even big auditoriums like the Pershing Center don't take any chances. The Pershing Center can have close to 8 thousand people at an event. And if there were an emergency they have exits at almost every corner. And when their visiting bands use pyro technics they get a permit and with that comes an inspection.

Channel 8 did talk with a fire inspector who told me that every bar, club and auditorium in Lincoln has been inspected and they get inspected yearly. Also, when you do go to a club or big event, make sure you check out the emergency exits so you'll know where to go just in case.