Lincoln construction projects to wrap up

It looks like those local road construction headaches could soon be over.

Drive around Lincoln and closed roads and detours are hard to miss.

Joshua Lee lives close to 17th and “A” streets.  He also works at the nearby Kabredlo's and says, “having a street closed like that, you have to go around to side streets.  People are getting clogged up and it's not easy quick access, which is something we really need here.”

That area is one of eight spots still under summer construction.  Crews are laying new pipes in areas like 48th and Pioneers.

Elsewhere, like 17th and “A”, they're just re-paving to avoid potholes.

The summer started with 22 projects.

Thomas Shafar with the Lincoln Public Works Department says, “given the weather we had in June, with all the extra rain, just having 70% of our projects completed that we had planned, and being on time or ahead of time in most cases, has been a huge success for us.”

All the roadwork should be done by the end of the month or mid–October.

Good news, if you're behind the wheel.

Lee says, “as a driver, I'm willing to wait that long as long as I know its not going to be postponed anymore.  There's not going to be anymore construction that will close that street because it has caused so many problems.”