Lincoln couple looking for vandalism culprits

By: Megan Palera

The couple is taking action after their car window was shattered by kids throwing condom water balloons.

It was a drive down 27th street that suddenly took a turn for the worst.

“You had no idea and then all of a sudden it hit and it was loud and you heard the pop.”

A pop that still has Andrea Jaquez a little shook up, and her SUV's front window a complete mess. She and her husband were driving home Friday night when a group of kids began throwing water balloons at their vehicle near 27th & Calvert in south Lincoln. One ended up shattering the window right where Jaquez was sitting. But it wasn't just any water balloon. It was a condom, which made all the difference. A regular water balloon is made to break when thrown at a hard surface, but condoms are more durable and the impact even bigger.

“I'm happy we didn't have any cracks on that side because I think it probably would have went through,” said Jaquez.

Amazingly, her husband never lost control of the vehicle. The same can't be said for her rearview mirror.

“It's usually tilted up more and it pushed the rearview down.”

Now they're out a couple hundred dollars and can't drive the SUV until the window is fixed. They're hoping you can help them catch the kids who did this.  Neighbors near 27th and Calvert also believe the teens are responsible for hitting another car just a week ago.

“We're offering a reward because we want them caught. We want them to have to pay for it.”

Not only does the couple want money for the damage, but they're worried it could happen again and next time cause a serious accident.