Lincoln couple wakes up to fire caused by lightning

 After more than two weeks in Lincoln without more than a trace of rain, last nights downpours were great for the lawn. But, not so great for one Lincoln neighborhood.

What happened early Wednesday morning, lightning hit Nicole Debord's north Lincoln neighborhood, less than a hundred feet from her house.

The lightning struck and blew apart the corner of a house across the street from Debord near N. 22nd and Fairfield.  The strike caused an outlet inside the bedroom to spark and catch fire.  The residents were asleep and woke up to the noise.  They got out safely.  Damage is estimated at $20,000.

The lightning also caused random power outages in the house next door.

“Scared the daylights out of me, and I went into my bathroom, had no bathroom light on. I come in to the kitchen, the kitchen light wasn't on, but the other light was on,” says Debord.

What's worse is the lightning struck the same area hit hardest by a large hail event in June. Residents of this house preferred to stay off camera, but they did say their roof was just replaced. And now they must deal with this.