Lincoln Drainage Problem

There's an area of Lincoln that finds itself dealing with flooding much too
often.   Now, the city of Lincoln is planning to renovating drainage systems near
50th and R.  This is an area that gets affected by heavy rain and flash floods, causing
headaches for those nearby.  The public is invited to an open house next Thursday to talk about proposed improvements.   
Businesses near 50th and R and 52nd and Q just happen to be in a very
low-lying area. And right now, the drainage systems are not doing their jobs, causing water
to accumulate in all the wrong places. It's not very often that Lincoln experiences rain to this degree. 
In fact, in the last century, less than 40 significant floods have been
recorded in the city. But storm management is still very important to a city that has several
creeks converging in its vicinity. 
Higgins explains how the water runs down 52nd to this low point, and even
though there are three large drains on each side of the street, they're not
getting the job done properly. When it rains like this, the water can't get filtered through the drain fast enough and runs off anywhere and everywhere. Like into the basement of the University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union. 
They've been flooded three times in the last five or six years because of
this problem. The Nebraska Credit Union is just one of the many businesses in the area
affected by heavy rains. And it doesn't take much, just maybe an inch or two in the course of an hour for the drain system to be overloaded. Givens says she's glad the city is doing something to fix the problem before another heavy rain hits. 
The city is still in the very prelminary stages of the project. They think the project will take about two months to complete and will start sometime in the fall. But nothing has been finalized yet and they are looking for public opinion from those who know the area best. 

If you're interested in going to the public meeting, it will be next
Thursday, April 20th from 5 to 7 pm.  It'll be at the Villager Hotel on 52nd and “O”.