Lincoln Family Hopes to Adopt Haiti Orphans

A Lincoln mother is in Haiti thankful, her 2 soon to be adopted daughters survived Hurricane Gustav.  

The hurricanes have devastated an already poverty stricken area, with little food and water, the storms have claimed the lives of many.

Through it all a family waited on edge to see if their 2 little daughters had made it through.

Both were born into extreme poverty in Haiti where water and food are often scarce and babies are usually the first to die.

6-year-old Bettania and 11-month old Dieunette are both in the process of being adopted by the Heatons family who already have 2 older children.  When the hurricanes ravaged much of the area it was unknown if their little girls had even made it.

By some miracle both girls made it through these disasters and on Sunday Kristin Heaton flew to Haiti to check on them.  While it's refreshing to know they're ok, things won't be ok until both of the girls are back here, at home, in the U.S.

The Heatons first met Dieunette when she came to the U.S. to get surgery on a growth outside of her skull.  The family returned her back to Haiti just a few days before Hurricane Gustav hit the area.  It was then they decided they should adopt her.

As for Bettania, it's been an almost 2 year long adoption process and they hope to have her home in the U.S. in about 6 months.