Lincoln family needs help after fatal accident

By: Kali Nicole

It really was tragic, a television falling on baby J'deonn, killing him Friday. Now, the family is left trying to find the funds for a funeral.

“It's just unbelievable. He was just a light that shines bright. If you would have seen him, you would have just been smiling all the time because he was a happy baby,” said Kerry Dightman, J'deonn's grandfather.

Happy, three-month-old J'deonn Laughlin, taken too soon by an accident no one could have predicted. Early Friday morning, inside the Economy Lodge Motel in North Lincoln, a television set fell on J'deonn and killed him. “Friday at one o'clock I got a phone call and since then it's been a nightmare,” said Dightman.

“Sometimes I just wish it was one we could erase and just not have to go through,” said Michele Hasse, J'deonn's Grandmother. But because they can't erase it, the family says they simply want closure. Something they can't get without your help.

“The parents have another two little kids to take care of and they don't have the money to do all this by themselves,” said Haase. “Now that the economy is really hard, we're kind of struggling too so we just hope that you can lend a helping hand,” said Dightman.

THe funeral and burial will be at Lincoln Memorial, who is covering most of the cost since J'deonn was so young. The family still has to come up with the casket cost and other material items before they can set a date to say goodbye to the little boy they simply didn't know for long enough.

“It was a tragic accident and we hope no family has to go through what we went through.” If you'd like to help the family, there is a fund set up at any Wells Fargo Bank in J'deonn Laughlin's name.