Lincoln family needs help after house burns down

One Lincoln family needs some help this holiday season after their house burned down this past Monday.

Sherrie Allen and her family have been trying to pick up the pieces ever since.  And she said it’s especially tough considering the time of year.

"It burned and it went fast," Sherrie said.  "It started in one room and it went to the entire home.  It took everything.  It gutted out the entire house.  Everything we’ve been saving up…for five years, it’s gone."

Sherrie said the Christmas tree and presents went up in flames with the house and all their possessions–all one week before Christmas.

The Red Cross has lodged them in a hotel and friends and community members have given them shoes and clothes.

But Sherrie said she’s overwhelmed with dealing with everything they’ve lost.

"We’re trying to stay strong as a family, but we’re lost because we’ve never been through anything like this before," Sherrie said.

She said the support they’ve gotten has been huge, but she and her kids still need help with everyday items that most take for granted: Toilet paper, clothes, food, household items.

If you would like to donate, the family has a go fund me page:

Anyone who would like to volunteer and help them clean up should call Sherrie at (402) 610-3313.