Lincoln Fire Department Takes on Former Huskers

Lighthouse is a Lincoln organization geared at keeping kids off the streets.

And it's caught the attention of a famed former Husker Eric Warfield.

He says, “It's a tremendous feeling when you see that kids are in unfortunate situations that really don't have a lot to inspire them.”

Inspire them to be leaders in the community, whether that be becoming a college or pro football player, or a member of the Lincoln Police Department.

Eric Warfield wants kids off the streets, so he became active in Lighthouse.

Bill Michener, the executive director at Lighthouse, says, “It became a passion for him to help young people.  It's always been a passion, but now he's connected with our community again.”

And that connection is benefitting everyone.

Nate Hill is an officer with the Lincoln Police Department.  He says, “it helps us out as a police department because it gives them something else to do other than run around the streets and get in trouble.”

It's one of the reasons Warfield asked the LPD to participate in tonight's charity basketball game where all the profits will go to Lighthouse.

The competition is so fierce Tom Osbourne even came out to coach the Huskers.  Warfield is no stranger to basketball. Organizing other basketball charities and playing a little in his free time.

And as the former Huskers say, it's not about their basketball skills anyway.

Former Husker Tommie Frazier says, “Anything to help kids. I'm a lover of kids and if I can do anything to help kids off the street, I'm going to do it.'