Lincoln Fire & Rescue investigating multiple vehicle arsons

Posted by: Fahima Paghmani

Lincoln Fire and Rescue are investigating multiple overnight vehicle arsons. 

The first happened around 11:15 p.m. Sunday at A & T Auto near 56th and Superior. Police say they responded to reports of two suspicious parties; when they arrived, they found a car on fire, and the suspects had already fled the scene.

The manager of the auto store and an employee were able to put the fire out with a hose and extinguisher, with damage amounting to around $200.

Around an hour later, at the nearby Quality Motors, another blaze. This time, police say 2 cars were on fire, and officers had to help put the flames out. This arson left $2500 in damage.
Jesse Abel, the manager at Quality Motors, helped put out the A & T blaze.
Abel says,"I was at the gas station across the street and I had heard some loud noises behind me and I went over to check behind the business it’s another dealership. I know the people that work there and when I went over there was two cars on fire."

He says after seeing flames coming out of the vehicles; he got his fire extinguishers and water hoses and started spraying down the flames. Luckily the fire was tamed before Lincoln Fire and Rescue arrived at A & T Auto Sales on 56th and Superior St. Lincoln Police say they were called to the incident at around 11:30 p.m. Police we’re dispatched to another set of car fires; this time it was at Abel’s lot. 

Abel says, "The only thing that freaked me out is I did have my family with me and the car was directly next to the building and if I wouldn’t have caught it in time it would have reached the building and would have caught my business on fire as well."