Lincoln Firm Joining Iraq Rebuilding Effort

A Lincoln firm is joining in the effort to help re-build Iraq. A.S.W. Associates, an environmental-testing firm was recently awarded a contract to be part of the country's re-construction efforts. Through a U.S. Department of Defense contract, the company will initially help build military facilities in Iraq. Eventually, A.S.W. wants to hire some 30 people to work in the war-torn country, and the firm's chairman, Marshall Prichard, tells Channel 8 Eyewitness News that so far, about 20 have applied.

They're looking for people with strong construction background skills, program management skills, people who could be working with a local Iraqi labor force and directing them on the construction projects themselves.

Workers will not be sent to some of the more volatile cities. Although they'll be given occasional leaves, those who sign up for the project in Iraq will be locked in to a one-year stint. Anyone interested in applying, can contact A.S.W. Associates at 488-3983. The company's work in Iraq is scheduled to begin in about three weeks.