Lincoln High Schooler Shares The Story Of His Inspiring Road To Recovery

You may remember the story of Brady Beran, a Lincoln East football player who was critically injured in a game about this time last year. Since then he has recovered from the life-threatening injury and is sharing his survival story with others. Beran is to many living proof that miracles do happen and he is giving all the praise he can give for being alive. Nearly a year ago, Beran was carried off a football field on a stretcher after a tragic accident that almost took his life. He says God kept him on this earth to help others. He shared his story of survival with his congregation at Christ Lutheran Church on Sunday. It's amazing for his loved ones to see how well he's doing only after a year. Beran recieved critical trauma to his head and after mulitiple surgeries was left in a coma. Beran says that without faith in God and the loving support of others around him, he wouldn't have made it.  His injuries are almost fully healed from that night on the field.  Currently, he is undergoing physical therapy. Beran is now a senior at Lincoln East and is looking forward to graduation and pursuing a career as a Christian counselor.