Lincoln Home Invasion

An elderly man remains in the hospital after he and his wife were bound and beaten inside thier home Wednesday night.   

Lincoln police are looking for two men that invaded the elderly couple's home around one o'clock Thursday morning.   

Two suspects wearing halloween masks entered the couples home through an unlocked window.   

Police say they placed a pillow over the 75 year old womans face, bound her and put a gun to her head.   

The 76 year old man was badly beaten.   

The couple lives near  70th and South streets.   

Authorities say the two masked gunmen locked the elderly couple in the bathroom while they ransacked their home.   

Suspects took the man's wallet, and car and attempted to get cash from an atm with the man's card.   

The suspect was unsuccessful, and returned the victim's car.   

The descriptions of the two men were very general.   

This is why police are asking anyone with information to please come forward.

If you have any information, here's the number to call….. 475-3600.   

And remember, you're phone call will be annonymous.