Lincoln Iraqis React To Capture

News of Saddam's capture is already exciting Iraqi-Americans who now call Lincoln home. Word of the capture is leaving smiles on the faces of Lincoln Iraqi Americans and relief in their hearts. Mohammed Al-Hirez  hit the streets of Lincoln when he heard the news of the former dictator's capture. Al-Hirez waved his Iraqi flag and praised America at the intersection of 27th and O Streets, Sunday afternoon. His efforts were met with honks from passing cars. He said, “Today, all the group, all the Republic, all the country…all the country is happy. Not especially for the country of Iraq…not especially for the Republic of Iraq. All the Republic today is happy.” Over at Sinbad's restaurant, patrons sat and praised the United States Military for their efforts. Akram Alrekabi heard the news and immediately called his family…who remains in Iraq. He says they, too, are grateful for the capture. He said, “I thank America for all the job they did in our country. Our families are happy back there. We just happy. We are all celebrating and doing good.” Most Iraqi-Americans we spoke to today, say they expect Saddam's capture to have a major positive impact on the rebuilding of their native country.